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The main task of our company, in addition to finding specialists for you, is to provide all the theoretical base so that your employees can correctly choose the most suitable candidates.
The recruitment process should be conducted in accordance with certain standards. The stages of the recruitment process include search, selection and familiarization with human resources. Internal and external resources can be used to recruit the necessary human resources for the organization.

External Recruitment Channels

HR can post vacancies through media channels as part of the recruitment process. In this context, media such as magazines, television, newspapers or radio may be preferred.
Currently, with the increasing use of the Internet, the preference for the Internet as a channel also stands out among recruitment methods. The relevant department may post vacancies on online platforms, a corporate website, or by email.

How is the effective recruitment process going?

"What should be the right recruitment process?" Answer to the question; it is reserved primarily for thorough business. Because no matter how well the company provides post-employment staff training, if the wrong choice has been made, unfortunately this error cannot be corrected with training. In addition, if you choose the wrong or inappropriate personnel instead of the right personnel; the right personnel can be captured by the company's competitor.
Thus, when implementing recruitment programs, it is necessary to have reliability and reliability relationships within the elements of performance, candidate selection criteria and various determinants.

Steps in the recruitment process

Application forms are evaluated along with summaries of candidates who have not been excluded as a result of the preliminary interview and who continue the recruitment process. Even candidates' hobbies can be seen as an advantage according to the structure of the institution when evaluating candidates with similar qualifications and educational level.
With candidates who have passed tests and exams, interviews are conducted, which are also called selective interviews. Structured, unstructured and mixed interviews or stressful interviews conducted by a recruiter or department manager can also be applied in this process. Questions asked at interviews and the interview process can vary from institution to institution.
Verification and solution
Background checks can be conducted using academic references, references obtained from the job where the candidate previously worked, financial references such as bank records, and personal references combined with all of this. It is very important that the candidate is as transparent and honest as possible regarding the reference statement.

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